Celebrate your fears, doubts and pain!

When you open up into the next level of your continuous expansion… fears, doubts and pain can arise.
Instead of losing yourself in them by crawling back into your cave… Celebrate them!!!
They are now ready to leave you as they no longer resonate with your new frequency, your new vibe.
They want to show you their ways to make you more conscious and aware.
Be grateful for this letting go and opening up and realise the opening up you are longing for is allready happening… no stopping it possible. Realise that by celebrating when pain comes up… your being will expand so much more gracefully and relaxed.
Welcome all with open arms, a loving heart and connected to your resonance. Trust yourself, Trust in life, trust in the way things move, transform and expand.

See if the next time fears, doubts and pain come up, you can celebrate them!
by chaninging the way you recieve them, you change the way you experience them and bring yourself back into alignment.

Much love for my dear!

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