This is how scepticism is blocking you from possibilities in life

We all know the big sceptic right?
The one who doesn’t believe in alternative medicine, the one who doesn’t believe in the spirit world or the one who needs to see first and then believes?

You maybe think now: Wel thats not me, Im not sceptical……… stay tuned cause Im about to share with you in what way you probably are.

It was late at night and I was wide awake after giving free minireadings on Facebook live. I’d asked myself earlier that night: What else can I share about in these Facebook lives? And I had released the question like a balloon into the sky not expecting any answer soon. But here I was in my bed a few hours later and the word “Scepticism” came up loud and clear.

I felt the pull inwards and I jumped in to this energetic invitation of this introspection.
I looked up the meaning of sceptisism in the dictionary:

● The rejection of believe
● Doubt as to the truth of something
● The theory that certain knowledge is impossible

Mmm ok, so sceptisism is the shutting out of possibilities, doubting the truthfullness of something and rejecting believe.

And suddenly memories and situation of my own life starting rushing in.
All memories in which I had been;

Sceptical towards my intuition
Not believing in signs that I got
Not fully trusting guidance I recieved
Not surrendering to wisdom that arose in me

I could see ways of me having
Sceptisism about the possibilities of relationship
Sceptisism towards the flow of money
Sceptisism towards the meaning of health

I started to see how multi layered scepticism really is and how most of us have this sceptical being inside of us.

The introspection pulled me deeper in and I got this image of money being a person. And I could see my relationship to this person as my relationship to money. Wow…..

I tried to chase this person, to grab him and I could see a resemblance with relationships in the past. I didn’t trust the flow of people coming in & out of my life. I tried to grab, pull back, chase or control.
And this made relationships complicated back then. So no wonder my relationship with money was equally complicated.

So lets try an example with money, but you can choose any area of your life here;
If money was a person and your relationship with money would be your relationship to this person.
What would it be like this relationship?
How would your energy be towards this person?
And how would the person respond to your energy?

Interesting right?
So in spiritual circles and communities we might think we are not sceptical but in many (subtle) ways we are. And this has a massive influence on our lifes.

I started noticing that when scepticism arises (read: When I don’t fully trust in the possibility of something) I feel tension in my body and energy.

So notice what happens in your body when you don’t fully trust in the possibility of something. 
And then close your eyes;
Allow your body to relax and soften
Give your body anything that helps her to relax; loving touch, music,…..
Take a couple of deep breaths in and out
And let your body relax and soften even more.

When I do this my body relaxes and I automatically sink more into trust and surrender. My energy feels more expanded and my intuition flows so much better.

The relaxation, the trust and the surrender clear my channel from sceptisism.

I started to see that sceptisism creates these blocks inside of us, so whatever wants to come through us is not able to be channeled clearly.

In which way do you feel you are not fully trusting in the possibility of something? 
And can you have more trust in this? 
Can you have more faith?
Can you surrender more?
Can you relax more?

Don’t answer in words, but tune into your body and let your body answer.

Silting of the vains
Basicly the amount of blood that runs through our vains is like the amount of inspiration that runs through us as a channel. And sceptisism is the silting of the vains. The more silt, the less blood can run through the vains. The more sceptisism the less room for inspiration, for love, for joy and for guidance to move through.

Relax, trust & surrender clear the silt and open the channel for whatever wants to be channeled through you. Opens the way for all the blood of life to flow through. 

You know what’s funny;
When I channel peoples loved ones in spirit, the guests can ask questions afterwards and sometimes I get the question: Are people sceptical sometimes?

Now my answer has changed and I can say: Yes but it’s mostly me that has been sceptical in my life. Saying to my own intuition; I don’t believe. Saying to signs on my path: aahhh that was just coincidence, saying to my inner guidance; No I don’t trust that.
Thinking I need to grab money, need to chase relationships or need to control my health. I see now that when Im relaxed, I’m full of trust and full of surrender and then no sceptic inside or outside can swipe me off my feet.

Much love,



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