When your Higher Self is ready to bump it up a notch!

When your Free Self is ready to burst through the veils of your perceived limitations, you can feel restless, confused, not knowing what to do or where to go. You can feel old patterns still running while you are allready clear they are not surving you any more. You can feel like a vulcano that is about to erupt, explode it’s fires onto the earth and warm warm her with your fiery hot touch.

No worries if you feel like this.

Your Higher Self is ready to bumb it up a notch.

Because of your endless expansion and the rising of the earths frequency, more and more veils are being pierced through by the immense force of our Higher Self’s will to shine, to flourish and to burst open.

I feel it in myself and experience in my sessions: we are ready to burst into our full light and our natural power. Without forcing anything or having to do a certain thing a certain way. Our innate wisdom and natural strength are calling awakening and all of the sudden our ancient wisdom is remembered and our feminine strength deeply rooted.

Your Higher Self is calling you home through repeating bubbles of inspirations, flows of excitement, embraces of relaxation and rivers of love.

So if everything is naturally expanding and bursting open why are we panicking when restlessness, confusion and insecurity arises?

Since we were young most of us have learned that emotions that don’t feel good aren’t ok. We learned to push them away, hide them, adjust them or ignore them. And the more we did this the more they started to push back or try to find other ways out through our bodies.

All they are is an acknowledgement of your growth. And if they are received in that way.. o woman o woman your vulcano can erupt and touch this earth with her hot touch.

Receive your restlessness with open arms, your confusion with a warm embrace and your “not knowing” with a soft smile.

You are now aware of your old patterns because they are ready to leave you. It doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with you. It means you are growing, expanding and bursting open.

So next time you feel restless, confused or not knowing what to do – all you have to do is remind yourself that your Higher Self is bursting through the next layer of veils, creating more space to shine. And next time you become aware of an old pattern. Dance a celebration dance, because now this one is ready to go.

We forget this very easily and thats why I feel its so important to have reminders. Reminders that point you back on track, back into connection and back into alignment.

These reminders help you to stay focused and connect deeper and deeper with the guidance of you Higher Self. Your resonance can guide you to these reminders through what intuitively feels right, expanded, exciting and open.



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