A telepathic conversation with a 4 year old boy

I came across an article this morning about the scientific proof of telepathic ability of children with autism. This brought me back to my work with young children a few years ago. There was a 4 year old boy in my group with autism and he was flying with his arms all day, not very strong in connecting with me the way we are used to in daily life. He was not able to speak in words.

One day I was observing him and my energy started to connect with his energy. He was sitting with his back towards me and I felt the impulse to call his name in my mind. What happened next was such a profound and magical experience for me;

He turned around and looked me straight in the eyes, something he rarely did.
My first response was that of my sceptic being: “This must be a coincidence.”

A few moments later I tried again and again he turned around and looked me straight in the eyes. This amazing young boy could hear me call his name telepathically. From that moment on we developed a special connection in which I could easily tune into his energy and his world and he could show me aspects of his world. He was not able to speak in words but boy o boy he was the most highly sensitive boy I ever met. No wonder he was flying with his arms all day, he was able to hear thoughts like we are speaking with each other.

An new world in which telepathy is natural
More and more I feel we are moving into a world in which telepathy will be our way of communicating, rather than spoken words. Our being is becoming more and more sensitive and our energy more and more refined. So we might still use words for fun, but for the communication we will be sensitive enough to notice everything that is going on with each other and to share our experiences in this way with each other. As I am super excited about this, I started to experiment with active training of telepathy in the courses I teach. I was amazed about the ability that is already alive in us, even with participants that were new to intuition and energy.


Years from now we will live in a world in which words will no longer be needed and communication happens through energy, through telepathy.


Try out your telepathic ability at home
Do you want to try this at home?
Find a partner for this exercize. Sit across of each other and close your eyes. Take a couple of deep breaths in and out. Let your sceptical being take a break or a nap J and give yourself permission to experiment without any pressure.

Feel your energyfield expanding towards the front, the back, the sides, up and down. Then move your awareness towards your partner. Imagine your energy connecting & blending with your partner. Let your partner do the same with you. Then feel into something you want to give to him/her; an object, a feeling, a symbol and intuitively give this to your partner.

Intuitively feel who of you is giving first and who is receiving first. Or maybe you cross at the same time. Then open you awareness to your gift and trust your intuition. All the time you don’t use words, everything happens in energy.

Open your eyes and share your experiences with each other.
Sometimes you received the exact thing that your partner gave you and sometimes it matches symbolically or very close to what your partner gave you. Sometimes it doesn’t match at all and that’s ok. Your being needs time to practice this new way of communicating.

It’s like learning a new language and this takes time.

Much love,


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