The difference between fear & intuition

A little over a year I decided to shave my head. The main reason was the promise to myself to only follow the voice of my intuition and She spoke.

Everytime I looked at myself in the mirror I more and more felt like my hair wasn’t mine anymore. As I moved closer to the decision all the yes butt’s started coming:

Yes, but how will I look?
Will I still be beautiful?
Will I still feel sexy?
What will men think about me?
What if I regret it afterwards?

And there it was, the moment to decide to which voice I’m going to listen. The voice of intuition or the voice of fear?

The voice of intuition
To me the voice of intuition feels open, centered, free and clear. It feels joyful, bubbly or full of fire and excitement. And in this fire, bubbles and joy it still allows the time for you to act on it (untill you are no longer able to hold it ) this voice feels like an invitation and can be subtle, gentle and loving. So it asks for listening inside with focused ears.

The voice of fear
The voice of fear to me feels tensed, agitated, panicky, wobbly, forced or hurried. It can be pushy & loud and can give a restlessness inside. It can feel like a short term comfort feeling or blanket. Like a feeling to hold on, no matter what.

My trust and courage had allready deepen immensely because of everything else that I let go of in my life. I can honestly say that today there is nothing I wouldt do to honour the voice of my intuition. So the decision to “just do it”, in the end wasn’t so hard. And I loved the way it looked 

But I see many people struggle with these voices of intuition and fear. Giving these voices of fear wayyyy too much trust & devotion.

Today I honour our voice of intuition. May She receive the trust and devotion that we’ve put into fear so many times. May She be heard and honoured. May she become the compass in our life and guide is in to endless possibilities, Miracles & Magic.

And know that each time you honour Her, no matter how small or subtle. Your voice of intuition will stengthen and grow. And more and more She will be your Guidance in life. Untill everywhere you look She is present and you realise you are walking around in the life of your dreams 💖.

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