This is me broken open after diving deep with an epic friend.

For years I felt alone, different, not fully understood in who I was. I loved life in a different way then the people I was surrounded by, was always the youngest in the courses I attended and fought an inner battle of compromising to fit in & breaking free from this cage.

A little over 2 years ago this changed BIG TIME! I met more and more epic beings who resonated with me on a deep level and were loving life the same way I do.

In the last weeks this is accelerating into deep, transformational connections that blow my being. I have never ever before in my life experienced so much aliveness and transformation in the connection with amazing souls in each minute of every hour of every day that we connect.


Since Im surrounded by al these raw, alive, inspirational, epic beings it’s so much easier to stay aligned, to crystallise my expression and to effortlessly expand through the transmissions that happen in such a playful way.


So Yes
We can feel different
We can feel alone
We can feel like we need to do everything by ourselves.
We can compromise our pure expression

But we don’t have to!

There is an abundance of support and inspiration in our communities and tribes.

And yes in the process of our expansion people disappear, friends disappear, dear ones disappear. But only because epic super aligned beings are around the corner about to appear into your life out of nowhere.

Souls blow open when reflected by transparent hearts

Magic happens when surrounded by inspirational people.

Dreams come alive when embraced by rich connections

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