Unhide yourself

Do you feel her?
This part in you that feels safe in hiding.
This part that almost feels frozen, unable to move freely and fully.
She is making herself wrong about everything, doesn’t want to come across weird and is
suppressing her pure heart and light.
She is hiding because she is afraid of taking the risk of being rejected,
the risk of being seen fully and not being fully received.
But there is 1 really sad thing about this part in you hiding:
The hiding is making it impossible to live your full self
It’s making it impossible to fully Surrender, to fully feel Life, feel Love, Devotion and Trust.
It’s making it impossible to shine your unique gift.
This part holds the treasure of your unique gift for this world.
The part that shares herself naked, moves freely and loves fully
This part of you wants to be held, be loved, and needs to know you love her no matter what.
It really is ok to show yourself fully, even if you look weird.
And don’t worry about outshining others, there is more than enough space for all of us to shine bright.
Hiding part, I love you and want to know what you need from me to unhide yourself?
I will love you unconditionally, I will be daring and take risks, I will share myself fully while warmly embracing you.
Dear hiding part, let’s find 1 thing every day to unhide ourselves and let our unique gift blossom to the max.
With love ❤
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