The times of the strong independent woman are over

Dear strong independent woman,
I admire your Determination,
your Power,
your Strength,
your ability to Rise.

You are so good in doing things by yourself. In a way you don’t need help from anyone, you can find your own way. People feel inspired by your courage and admire your independence.

But dear strong independent woman, I can also feel your pain,
because deep insight you are longing to melt, longing to be held. It just feels too scary to let someone in. To afraid to Surrender. Being strong and independent feels like a safe wall, a comfortable blanket covering your vulnerability deep inside.

Inside there is this small girl, afraid to come out because she doesn’t want to get hurt.
She wants to be loved gently and fully
She wants to be held warm and firmly
She wants to be seen completely

Dear strong independent woman, this strong independence, even though it served you in the past, might not be serving you anymore today. It’s not only cutting you from deep surrendered connection with partners. It’s cutting you from deep surrendered connection with everyone in your life and most of all, cutting you from a deep surrendered connection with Life.

Life cannot support you fully when you cut yourself off to “I can do this by myself, I don’t need anyone”. Life cannot see the full you and cannot feel the full you and your sensing is not able to feel Life’s Infinite intelligence fully.

The times of the strong independent woman can be over. This is up to you.
Dropping the walls and sinking into the deeper you.

Life will be able to see you so much more clear, to feel you so much more whole and to support you so much more full.

Dear strong independent woman, your time can be over. You can lay back and rest, melting the ice and revealing the you within you. The you that is strength from openness, love, receptivity, trust & vulnerability. Not afraid to be naked & raw. Being moved and guided into a sweet surrender.

Dear strong independent woman, I love you, you can rest now.


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