Surrender isn’t about being passive, it’s about being open

Are you also so familiair with holding space for yourself?

I know you are indeed a strong woman and that fact can easily overlook the moments where you actually want to be supported. So even if 90% of the time you are very capable of holding space for yourself, in the rest of the time when you actually want support your strength can create this shell, this armour of “I don’t need it”, “I can do it myself”. This shell in that moment can feel really empty almost like a hard skin with a vulnerability inside.

So here is the invitation to ask for support when you feel it. Even when you notice it very subtle because when we are not used to this feeling its probably already a bit bigger than how we experience it in that moment.

So aks for support, ask for hugs, ask for nourishment, ask for relax time, ask for whatever it is you need. Honour your longing inside.

What do you need for you to be able to relax fully? 
For you to be able to soften and open?

Because when we fully honour our longings and honour the part inside of us that wants to be small. Our hard skin can soften, our being can open and we become so much more receptive on what life wants to communicate to us. What life wants to bring to us.

When we ask for what feels supportive for us, we can relax into the arms of life. And with that a so much more fuller us is available for life.

So in this way it’s not only about receiving support from other people. It’s about Life being able to reach us more, because we are more open and more receptive. We no longer have this shell around us of power of independence of “I can do it all by myself”. For life it’s then so much easier to reach us with gifts and with synchronicities and magic.

So anytime you feel that surrender feels like weakness, like being passive, like there has to be something off with you before you can ask for support and before you can surrender.

Know that there is such a deep strength in surrender. There is such a deep trust in surrendering. And such a full power available.

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