Finding safety in your body

Lately I feel that it’s hard for any transformation or opening to take place if we feel unsafe in our body. When we feel unsafe we stop breathing, we contract, we fight, we flight or keep ourselves dead. Our skin hardens and energy, emotions, people can no longer move in or out of our being. 

Today I shared a 30 minute facebook live training about finding safety in your body. I shared about 2 directions through which you can explore safety in yourself and in your life. And 3 things you can do to find more safety in your body. 

There were women from Holland, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Vietnam and Czech Republic and more women are watching the replay. If you weren’t there, you are so welcome to come into the group and join the training.

You can join the group here:
Wild Woman Sanctuary – Be you wild & free FB group.

Tomorrow I will share about unhiding yourself at 7PM CET (Amsterdam, Berlin)

When we feel unsafe our flow stops, we hold our breath, we fight, we flight or we keep ourselves dead.

Our muscles tightened, our flesh pulled back and frightened. Our feelings suppressed or unconsciously expressed, our superpowers unable to blossom in this numbed down mess.

Unsafety in our whole body or in just this little part. Unsafety in our tight hips or in our insecure heart

Unsafety in the layer within the layer of our skin Hardened like an armour letting nobody deeply in

And then there are the ones who are coming with great care Holding us with love and we feel they are really there

Our unsafety now feels held and safe to breath deeply out Relaxing our body and trusting without a doubt

Holding our unsafety like a newborn in our arms Sending all our love, all our care and all our warmth

Letting our unsafely melt like ice in the sun And with that the time of your true rising has begun

Much love,


Photography Jessica Lia during International Women’s Day Amsterdam 2019 – Surrender of the strong independent woman

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