Welcome love,

All demands in this modern day life can causing stress, pressure and contraction. We loose the crystal clear connection to our natural flow, the intelligence of our bodies and the guidance of our intuition.

This is a space to remember the primal, raw, intuitive, wild and free power that is available in you.

A space to remember, embrace and embody the Magic that you are.

Much love, Nicole

Nicole (33) weaves her 15 years of experience into her work. She founded Wild Woman Rise and the Wild Woman Sanctuary online academy in 2016 after a promise to only follow her highest joy and resonance in each moment. This promise led to big change of quitting her job, ending her relationship, shaving her head and going to India.

She currently travels the world facilitating events and mentoring women in her online mentorship program.

Nicole received from an amazing variety of great teachers from all over the world and studied deeply with:

  • Bentinho Massaro – Trinfinity Academy & Bentinhomassaro.tv
  • Brandon Bays – certified Journey practitioner
  • Jose Gosschalk – deep 3 year  mediumship training
  • Christian Pankhurst – Heart IQ Circle facilitation
  • Pema Gitama – Yeartraining Wild Tantra
  • Winter Jade Icely – Magdalene Priestess training
  • Zola Dubnikova – 2 month holistic dance language mysterieschool in Arambol, India
  • Authentic relating International – Jason W. Digges
  • 12 day individual darkness meditation in Mazunte, Mexico
  • John of God – 6 week deep Spirit work & healing in Abadiania, Brazil
  • 10 day and 100 hour Vipassana silence meditation – Dharamsala, India
  • Dynamic Art coaching – yeartraning
  • Bodywork & Massage -yeartraining
  • Tera Mai Seichem & RaMu Healing