1-1 Soul Rise Session Deep Dive

In these Sessions you enter a warm, gentle & clear field that welcomes ALL of you.
Every session will create itself around what arises inside of you and weaves different elements into your experience to allow your soul’s expression to unwind, unhide, rise and blossom.

We work with the Power & Intelligence of what’s alive inside of you right now.

This natural reveil allows an alchemy of


What feels most nourishing for you right now?

When our being relaxes, our nervous system can deeply unwind.  The energies that are held down by tension and contraction get space. This softening & opening gives your being the space to give rise to what’s longing to come to the surface; Fears, qualities and dreams.


Can you unhide yourself more?

After our beings unwind the parts inside of us that are hiding start to feel safe to come out and show themselves.
Together we clear, transform, ground and expand.
Fully trusting in the wisdom of your Soul and the shift she wants to make.


What would your Life look like if everything would be possible for you?
We give all the space to your Essence to Rise and shine.
To tune into the vision of your dreamlife and the most free and alive version of you.


Where is your aliveness guiding you in each moment?
The new you now wants to be weaved into your Life. Together we feel into ways of how to bring the new more alive and aligned you into your Life.


Are you connected to your natural flow?
Your vision is now becoming reality and you receive ways to keep on living aligned and expansive.
Smoothly moving through upper limit ceilings of joy & happiness. And connected to your natural flow, without trying to make things happen or postponing what already wants to move.

Intentions for the deep dive can include

Unhiding yourself
Grounding into yourself
Live the most alive you
Stepping into your highest aligned self
Expanding courage, joy & playfulness
Deepening trust & surrender
Creating an epic dreamlife
Opening next level relating
Cultivating next level sensing
Deepening your calling
Embracing self love

Unhide yourself and live your fullest potential in every viber of your being.
As you only get to live this life in this body once.

Online Deep Dive

Online on Skype or Zoom

1x 90 minutes



Online Deep Dive

Online on Skype or Zoom

3x 90 minutes
2x 90 minutes + 2x 45 minutes



About Nicole And her work

Nicole weaves her 15 years of experience into the Soul Rise Deep Dive Sessions. She currently travels the world facilitating amazing events and giving 1-1 sessions.

She is the founder of Wild Woman Rise, the Wild Woman Sanctuary Online Academy and an exclusive online program Channeling Your higher self.

Nicole received from an amazing variety of great teachers from all over the world and studied deeply with:

  • Bentinho Massaro – Trinfinity Academy & Bentinhomassaro.tv
  • Brandon Bays – certified Journey practitioner
  • Jose Gosschalk – deep 3 year  medium training
  • Christian Pankhurst – Heart IQ Circle facilitation
  • Pema Gitama – Yeartraining Wild Tantra
  • Zola Dubnikova – 2 month holistic dance language mysterieschool in Arambol, India
  • Authentic relating International
  • 12 day individual darkness meditation in Mazunte, Mexico
  • John of God – 6 week deep Spirit work & healing in Abadiania, Brazil
  • 10 day and 100 hour Vipassana silence meditation – Dharamsala, India
  • Dynamic Art coaching – yeartraning
  • Bodywork & Massage -yeartraining

Nicole is a powerful female leader who wields her feminine intuition in service to the women in her care. I have had the blessing to witness Nicole in many ranges, and she is the real deal. She is fierce & gentle, courageous & humble, teacher & student, curious & wise. She is the leader the world is craving. May her work reach across the globe. Ase and Amen!

Sumir Brown, USA

Founder of Feminine Rising & Co-founder of New Eden Retreat center

Nicole’s intuition and presence is deep as the ocean. She is a powerful yet gentle woman who walks between the worlds, whose eyes shine with the brightness of the sun. Resting under the blanket of her wisdom and kindness, doors of the soul open.

Zola Dubnikova, Israel

Founder of Holistic Dance Language

My experience with Nicole was such a magical healing. She guided me to a very deep space and helped me to see some parts of me with so much wisdom. She inspired me to step into my own power & potential and to believe in myself. In her presence and work I can feel a clear channel working through intuition and guidance. So much love!

Raissa, Brasil

Butoh art performer and movement coach

Nicole’s presence worked as a portal for me in my internal investigation and self healing. Her ability to hold the space in the most intuitive, grounded and graceful way, made me feel safe and carried throughout the process of facing my inner light and shadows. Her support enabled me to go deeper in my understanding of myself and to find out what my true needs are right now. I highly recommend everyone to meet Nicole and to welcome her loving, genuine guidance and wonderful clarity.

Siri, Sweden

Holistic Singer & Teacher