Spirit Reading

A meeting with a loved one in the spirit world

In this 45 minute reading Nicole connects to your loved one in the spirit world. In this connection your loved one will share information about him or herself and share a message with you. It’s a beautiful opportunity to connect deeper with each other and if needed clear or clarify confusions or pain in the relationship.

Nicole has had connection with the spirit world since childhood. To deepen her gift she has been trained intensively in the English mediumship. This form of mediumship is also known as evidence based mediumship.

This means that you will receive a beautiful blend of soulful and factual information about and from your loved one.

Your loved ones in the spirit world are here for you.

Soul Reading

A psychic reading into your Essence and the whispers of your soul

In this 45 minute reading Nicole will tune into your energy field. You have a unique blueprint with colours and flavours that make you You. In this reading you will become deeper aware of your unique Essence.

Nicole stands for your hearing &  trusting your own inner guidance above what anyone else is saying and this reading will fully honour that.
Meaning -> No fortune telling or telling you how to live your life. Rather a space for you to feel your own power deeply.

You can do this reading when you feel stuck, unclear, have a question or when you want to deepen the connection with your power.

Spirit Guide Reading

Connect with your spirit guides and their unique power and gift for you.

In this 45 minute reading you will together with Nicole connect with your spirit guides. You will learn how to feel them and how to commune with them.

Nicole will feel into the unique qualities of your guide(s).

You have a whole team of Spirit Guides with you. Each one supporting you in their own unique way

The reading will be online and you receive a recording  afterwards.

The readings are available for Men, Women and children

Soul & Spirit Reading




1 reading of 45 minutes on Skype, Facebook or Zoom

Do you want a recording of the reading? Then we connect on Zoom