An invocation of the living priestesses of the Ancient Temples of Love.

In ancient days the Temple was a space where women invoked the power of the Goddess through dance and movement. The community would come to receive this transmission and to witness the sacredness of Spirit weaving through Matter.

Temple dancers would inspire, uplift and activate those who were open to the Erotic Mystery of the Goddess.

During this one day temple we will explore the Ancient Feminine Mysteries of Temple Arts through Sacred Dance, Ritual, Initiation & Ancient practices.




We invite you into a prayer with 100 women




This temple day is for women who want to:

Awake their High Priestess who embodies wisdom, great power and a proper understanding of life.
She is the Moon Queen and the vessel for the Sacred Feminine awakening in the planet.

Connect with the Mysteries of the Goddess.

Open into the psychic & Mediumistic arts.

Learn about Magic & Sacred Sexual practices.

Embrace their highest potential and show up in this world from their Soul.

Clear any blockage with sexuality and their body (emotional & physical).

Merge Spirituality (Spirit) and Body (Matter).

Activate their inner Goddess.
Experience a Mystical space full of Magic and Mystery.

Remember the sacredness through the Temple space.

Heal any trauma with the Feminine.
Trust in life and in their bodies.

Bring more awareness into their being.

Raise their energetic vibration.

This work is deeply transformative and will facilitate a powerful journey inwards while we can share the journey with the group.
This is an intensive space and we expect to host many breakthrough moments for people on the journey of self-discovery.
Your personal boundaries will be honoured and nurtured at all times.

About Sia

Sia Hu Heka is a Priestess, Midwife of the Soul, Dance Therapist, Humanity Lover, World Traveller, Space Holder, Ceremony Facilitator and Intuitive Singer. Her gift is her embodiment of Truth, Power and Love. Her life has become an exploration of Openness, Clarity, Love and Surrender.

She has been touched and inspired by Bruce Lion, Mudra Griebel, Winter Jade Icely, Or Haleluya, Janine Ma-ree, Chantelle Raven, Leyola Antara and many others unfolded Souls.

“My home is my Heart. I travel the world sharing my soul, connecting and learning from everything and everyone. I have the ability to feel the land in every place I visit, becoming the embodiment expression of Her.
I love inspiring other souls like you to unhide yourself and allow your true nature to Rise and Blossom, trusting the power of your Intuition and weaving the magic of You into this life.

I feel honoured to journey with you. Love, Sia”

“By entering the field and space of Sia’s Temple I felt already a strong, powerful, divine energy. A deep part of me felt like coming home”

Solange Beaumont

Trauma healing & Female empowerment

When you join a Temple with Sia, you make the choice to shift your experience of the life you live into a more sacred one, to heal your wounds, to shed your skin and to take of your masks, to express and to release your emotions in a safe and powerful way, you will feel so free afterwards!

Anneke van Bokhoven

About Nicole

Nicole Costerus is an embodied medium, a keeper of the psychic and mediumistic arts, a lover of the mystery and magic, a woman of ancient futures, devote to the feminine arts, world-traveller and deep-diver. Her gifts are in the power of crystal clear intuition and transformation. Her life has become a prayer, a deep dive in mystery.

She has ben trained intensively by  Bentinho Massaro, Zola Dubnikova, Jose Gosschalk, Pema Gitama, Brandon Bays and many other beautiful souls.

“You are one with the mystery of Life. Magic is in and all around you. You can commune with this magic in endless ways and directions. I am welcoming you into space of remembrance. A space to embrace and embody the Magic that you are.

I warmly welcome you into this powerful prayer. Love, Nicole”

Nicole is a powerful female leader who wields her feminine intuition in service to the women in her care. I have had the blessing to witness Nicole in many ranges, and she is the real deal. She is fierce & gentle, courageous & humble, teacher & student, curious & wise. She is the leader the world is craving. May her work reach across the globe. Ase and Amen!

Sumir Brown, USA

Founder of Feminine Rising & Co-founder of New Eden Retreat center

Nicole’s intuition and presence is deep as the ocean. She is a powerful yet gentle woman who walks between the worlds, whose eyes shine with the brightness of the sun. Resting under the blanket of her wisdom and kindness, doors of the soul open.

Zola Dubnikova, Israel

Founder of Holistic Dance Language

Practical Information

Sunday 1 September 2019

11am – 6pm

Posthoornkerk, Haarlemmerstraat 124-126 Amsterdam (10 minute walk form Amsterdam Central Station)

‎Single ticket €97,-
Duo ticket €87,- p.p.
including tea, water and snacks


Single ticket – The High Priestess


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Duo Ticket – The High Priestess


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